What are the differences between KN95 respiratory face masks & face shields?

With the range of masks available, how do you know which is the best one to buy and what the best face mask is for Coronavirus?

Can a respiratory face mask stop the spread of coronavirus? Yes, respiratory face masks commonly known as KN95 face masks can protect against coronavirus if you wear and use them correctly. It is very important that they fit snuggly around your face and under your chin. (see our blog post ‘How To Wear A face Mask Properly’)

KN95 masks are an effective tool against stopping the spread but they need do need to be fitted properly, and they are not designed to be used for a long period. Wear them when you are near other people, for example, in an office or when travelling on public transport. The average time to wear these masks is 30 minutes and you must dispose of the mask when it gets wet or dirty.

Is a Face Shield effective against Coronavirus?

In a nutshell, yes. Face shields prevent fluids and splashes going in your eyes, nose and mouth from coughs, sneezes and other fluids.
Face Shields are made out of plastic and will stop respiratory droplets (coughs, sneezes and other fluids) going in your mouth, eyes and nose.
Some people wear a face mask and a face shield.
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